Embrace It All

“When you shut down your emotions you lose the color of life” – William Paul Young

Someone I loved very much once told me that I cried more than anyone they’d ever seen. They did not mean it in a nice way.

I am someone that wears everything on my sleeve. I don’t let things go very often. If I have hurt someone or they have hurt me, I address it. Sure, sometimes my emotions get the best of me but I am so thankful I feel them. They have taught me much about myself. There was a time a few years back when they were so all over the place that I had to get on medication. Eventually the meds made me flat-line. I didn’t “feel” much of anything. Brutally honest though, that was probably a good thing for the interim.
Only by the grace of God I don’t have to take anything anymore to corral my soul.

Feel what you need to feel. Get help if you need to get help.
There is NO shame in that.

Being honest with ourselves – even when it hurts like hell to do it -leads to freedom. I believe we all want to be free.

Much love & embracing ourselves – the good, the bad & the ugly~


(image courtesy of vimeo.com)



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