Our Shepherd Of Grace

“It is our misunderstanding of the grace Jesus modeled and taught that leaves us feeling as if Grace allows people to “get by” with things. It is often our misapplication of truth that leaves people feeling condemned and isolated. But in Jesus, we discover that it doesn’t have to be that way. Grace doesn’t dumb down sin to make it more palatable. Grace doesn’t have to. The purpose of truth isn’t to isolate people from God or from his people. As we follow Jesus through the Gospels, we find him acknowledging the full implications of sin and yet not condemning sinners. The only group he consistently condemned were graceless religious people – those who misused truth to control through guilt, fear, and condemnation.” – Andy Stanley in “Deep and Wide”


The manner that He loves me, guides me, chastens me – is done in such a way that I never feel rejected, condemned or cast out. It always leaves me wanting to be better, to do better. Not to appear perfect or appear as though I have it all-together – but to enrich my life. To avoid unnecessary angst & turmoil.
And when I fall, because I do & I will – He is there to wrap me up & carry me back to the fold. Each & every time.


Much love & grace abounding y’all,


(image courtesy of benziher.wordpress.com)



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