Openness, Walls That Hinder & A Friday Challenge

Good morning! It’s FriYay!!!

Wanted to pass on some encouragement I received this morning – hope it does the same for you. Oh, and there’s a challenge…

You are in a time of waiting, but it would behoove you to exercise patience while maintaining an open heart, open mind, and open hand. If you will let go of unreasonable expectations, this time will pass with ease. Trying to rush things will only produce frustration and attract opposition. You can endure this time with grace as you put your trust in Me. *James 1:4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.*

I don’t know about y’all, but patience isn’t one of my strong-suits.
Keeping an open heart & mind aren’t always either. This presented a challenge to me but one I know that I need to rise to.

I admittedly have a wall – it’s less in stature than it used to be, but what is left is strong. I can feel it every time it shoots up. And wouldn’t ya know – it mostly does when my vulnerability comes out to play – like at the same time. Like a knee-jerk reaction.
I can’t imagine not having that wall. It’s like a big, stony security blanket. Sort of.

But I look forward to it crumbling one sweet day. I can hardly imagine the world it might open up.

And by God’s grace it shall. ❤
Join me in the challenge?

Much love, more patience & being more open y’all,


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