Falls, Fathers & Finish Lines

I can’t even cram into this space how my heart swelled when I watched the video linked below. This young man’s tenacity & drive to keep going, in the face of his condition – how he gets up each time he falls…. Selah.

And no doubt at all in my mind because his father was right there with him each step of the way – cheering him on, supporting & loving him.

To believe in our children, to not give up on them – to support them in their want to be better – is an empowering force. Whether they have a disease, cancer, mental disorder, addiction – we must never give up.

As much as we want the very best for our kids – to see them cross their own finish line – to have joy & pride in themselves – how much more does our Father want the very same for us? How much more does He want that for them? Remember that.

I know many of us didn’t have much of a Dad growing up. Some of us – to this day – don’t even know who he is. But in truth, we all do have a Father – the very best One of all. He never leaves us nor forsakes us & He continues to cheer us on towards our own finish line. Day after day. After day.

And. He. Never. Gives. Up.


Much love & never giving up y’all,




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