Eventual Joy & Survival In Our Trials

The darkness I felt yesterday is much better. I appreciate any prayer & good thought any of you sent in my situation’s direction. Joy comes in the morning for sure. I have seen it many times. I love that God divided our time into 7 days of 24 hours each. Because there are just some days that can’t end quickly enough. A new day dawning is always a gift. If you look really close.

Be thankful –
I woke up this morning grateful that things weren’t worse than they are. Because they could be. Remember that when you are wading through a fiery trial. Things can always be worse.

Don’t completely withdraw –
I try to reach out to others I know are struggling when I am. That helps too. Try it. It will fill up the empty.

Fan the flames of hope –
I look back to all the other times God has seen things through. How faithful He has been. How He is always there. And He’s not stopping. Remember that.

Hold your tongue –
Hurting people hurt people. Always have. When they do, I try hard not to give it back. Live your truth & don’t let anyone smear it to make you feel guilty or manipulate you. Love honestly & stand firm. You are not a victim. Help them to see they aren’t either.

Just love –
Love God. Love yourself. Love others.
Even when it’s hard as hell.

(Sometimes we are the only Jesus someone will see.)

From the pot to the kettles,


(image courtesy of junjunfaithbook.com)



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