Because Of Love..

I am traveling back down a road that I had hoped I would not travel again. But I will because it’s part of my life & short of checking out, I have no choice. And because of love. Most of all because of love.

Love Itself never left me at my worst or in my darkest hour. Love never turned its back on me when there was nothing outwardly lovable about me. It is because of Love that I am still here today. And nothing else.

Lord Jesus you have given me so much. So much that I do not deserve. You have loved me when I couldn’t possibly love myself because I was so messed up & so cloaked in darkness. You never once gave up on me. How can I not give that away?

Please use me as a vessel of Your Great Love & Light in this current darkness. Please plant my stance firm & forward & do not let me lie down in defeat. May your strength be perfected in the weakness I feel right now.

In Jesus’ Mighty all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful name,


(image courtesy of google images)



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