The Battle Of Sight & Faith

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice holiday celebrating our Independence.

I am knee-deep & sinking into something that was already there but hasn’t been so in-my-face until just recently. I mean, I knew it was there all along, but new things have cropped up & it just drives home the impending-inevitable outcome for someone I love very much. And my heart keeps breaking. Over & over.

I am still praying & believing but honestly I am not scratching & clawing through the carpet down into the padding like I was. I do have my moments where I still do but I have grown weary. I am battling feeling defeated. Deflated. Discouraged. But I also know I cannot give up. And I won’t.

I know as believers we are not to walk by sight but sometimes that is just damn hard. It is.

I teeter between sight & faith. Faith wins out each time but not without a fight from the other side. I think that’s where my weariness spews from.

I try to do things to divert my attention, to rest, to still enjoy life. And I do. Thank you God for my friends & family. My saving grace. But this situation still looms.

Sweet Jesus, help my loved one. Save them from their enemies. In your great Love & Mercy, preserve their life & hem them in on all sides – in spite of their choices.

Lord help me to not implode while I sit, kneel, crawl ~ in the waiting.

And help everyone reading this post who is feeling the same way, or knows someone who is.

In Your Precious name we pray,

Join me in agreement y’all. I know I am not alone.

Much love & not giving up in the battle,




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