Mirrors, Jesus & Beauty For Our Ashes

The other day I was talking with my sister over dinner & this just came up out of me ~

When we won’t face truth in our life – when we won’t live authentically, we think that we are dodging bullets but in reality we are really just delaying them.

Looking into the mirror – I mean REALLY looking is not fun sometimes. We don’t like to see the ugly-s, the imperfections, the flaws. Maybe if we refuse to acknowledge them no one else will see them either. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is not meant to be a condemning post at all – what I think we all need to do is to learn to not look away from our mirrors so quickly. To start paying attention to the things in our life that keep landing us in the same #$%@@^ situations – you know, the ones that keep us in a state of angst or living lies or hiding behind God only knows what. Masquerading that we are someone we aren’t. Pretending to be & do what we aren’t. Out of fear – fear of rejection, fear of failure – the list can go on.

I have been there. I know it oh so well.

Jesus was beaten, bruised, ripped & torn in every way for us. For our reflections in the mirror. His love can & will transform the image we see into something far more beautiful than we could imagine. By HIS grace. By HIS strength. By HIS might. Not by anything we can muster.

If we will only allow Him to mend & restore what’s broken, lost, crushed & destroyed. Where dreams have died, allow Him to birth new ones. Where hope was dashed, allow Him to breathe new life. Into the old bones of what was. What could have been.

He is able. He just needs our brokenness, willingness & humility.

Hallelujah Lord.

Much love & beauty for our ashes y’all, it really is possible.


(image courtesy of 5brainybirds.wordpress.com)



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