Misnomers & Love That Never Fails

I think sometimes as Christians we buy into the lie that because we are, trouble will not find us. Calamity will not find us. We will not get sick. We will not have to suffer like “others” do. To say that is a misnomer is one of the understatements of the century.

One thing I do know for sure – God is with us.
He IS with us.

Through every trial, every sickness, every tear.
He holds us, carries us, comforts us.
He never beats, controls, drags, forces or rejects us.

We are agents of the gift of free will, and Jesus is our advocate.
His sacrifice paid for our choices.
He is our redeemer, our restorer, our kinsman.
The lover & mender of our souls, tattered & torn as they are.
None are so obliterated that His hand cannot heal.

Hallelujah Lord.

Much love & the belief that we really are precious in His sight ~ no matter our circumstance,




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