My Grief-Emptying Sweet Burden-Bearer

A Wednesday share~

Something keeps happening to me lately – like multiple times in the last week. Randomly “it” will hit me – & I begin to weep. Like from my gut’s depths. It has happened at home over lunch – at work in the restroom – in the dressing room in a store. And I am learning to just go with it.

What’s odd is that it is a mix of grief over things happening around me & in the rolling past I have no control over. But overwhelmingly more than that, pure gratitude & praise to God. That things aren’t worse. That I haven’t gotten “the call” yet – & hopefully won’t at all – that no one ever wants to get. That I feel like I am tight-wire-teetering over the Grand Canyon but oddly I know I am safe. Does that sound crazy? Well if it does, I own it. šŸ˜‰
I can’t really do it justice in words but I am trying here.

It feels like I am purging something somewhere in the middle of it all. Like maybe I have carried some things so deeply & have packed more & more & more on top of those things that finally there is nowhere for it all to go anymore. Nowhere but out. And God knows in His Great Wisdom that it must for me to be able to continue to grow & move forward.

And there to shoulder & carry it away as it expels is Jesus. As soon as it burbles & gurbles up, He is right there to take it from me.

A bittersweet offering from my soul to my sweet Jesus.

And He is also Your. Sweet. Jesus.


Much love ya’ll & emptying ourselves to Him,


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2 thoughts on “My Grief-Emptying Sweet Burden-Bearer

  1. Sharleen Thornberry

    Bonnie, I love that you are not fighting the emotions. I have had seasons of that as well….I think your word “purging” describes it beautifully. Well done my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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