Inexplicable, Wonderful, Beautiful Joy

If it were not for joy – that well that burbles & gurbles waaaay down deep in my being – I don’t know what I’d do.

I’m still waking in the middle of the night with a catch in my chest, with fear hissing down into my soul that I might lose someone I love very much. Hissing lies that I’m not doing enough, that somehow I have the power to save them. When clearly I don’t.

I reminded God at around 2:30am last night that He alone has that power. As I laid & prayed & let it go for the gazillionth time.
I’m not even sure how much sleep I even got.

I still woke with a smile. And right now I tap this out with a tear in my eye & a heart that’s full. Because of joy. Beautiful inexplicable joy.

Because I am so thankful that I am loved by Love Himself.

Because there is always hope. Always.

Because of Who I believe in & what I believe about Him.


Thank you Lord.

Much love & joy overflowing y’all,




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