Ramblings On Gratitude, Slowing Down & Authenticity

I woke up this morning filled with gratitude. That well of joy that bubbles up especially during dark seasons. And I took my time getting ready – I didn’t rush so like I normally do.

I feel a slowing-down happening in my life. I am 45 years young & not getting any younger. I did not intend on doing it – it’s just happening. It almost feels like God is doing it for me. Like He is easing gently onto the brakes & breathing a stop-and-smell-the-roses mentality into me in a greater measure.

My life, looking back, is a blur of years bleeding one into the other. Years that are gone. Just like that. Poof.

It may be cliche to say but I truly want my life to count. I have no desire to preach or teach or do anything “grande”. I feel like my “call” honestly is just to love. To judge not. To be kind. To share what God has done for me when given the opportunity. And when not given, to be someone others can trust & be comfortable to be themselves with. I have been the polar-opposite of all of that & it’s part of me that I hope is dead & buried.

I want to make a difference in small soft steps. Not in sweeping momentous gestures where attention is drawn to me. I shrink against anything that resembles that. I still can’t take compliments well to this day. Sometimes even saying “Thank you” is a struggle. It is what it is.

All in all, I am who I was created to be. Marred & imperfect-ed some by life & all it is has brought my way. But I am precious in my Father’s sight – I am fearfully & wonderfully made & I am uniquely loved.

And. So. Are. You.


Much love & authentic living y’all,


(I randomly found the photo & as I was looking at it – really looking – I cried. That’s me….)



One thought on “Ramblings On Gratitude, Slowing Down & Authenticity

  1. Lena

    You are beautiful in every way. Your blogs are deep and impactful and definitely authentic. You’re on the right track, Bonnie 💓


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