“In the end, nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another.” ~Daphne Rose Kingma

It’s true. And from where I stand today, I wouldn’t want to – or strive to – ever be known for doing everything right. Been there done that, & at the sad end of that one – it was a complete joke. My hugely imperfect self can’t handle that unbelievable pressure anyway. I was a control-freak for years of the worst kind & slowly imploded day by day. It’s no way to live.

But I do want to be known for how I loved & how I tried to love those that didn’t want it.

Love is what moves me. It is what changes anything bad to good in me or makes anything that’s good in me better. It is what propels me to forgive. It slams my mouth shut when I am in the midst of a gossip-fest. It’s what makes me cringe when the underdog is getting stomped into the dusty ground. I identify with the lost, the outcast, the wanderers, the orphan & the orphaned heart. I do not identify with polished “perfection” or pompous religiosity. It turns & churns my stomach.

God is love. He created you & me.
Therefore Love lives in us all.

We can leave it lying dormant or bury it with all the sh*t life throws at us or we can rise above it all & choose to wield it ~ to love ourselves, to love others.

Lifting each other out of the muck & the mire. Paying it forward.

Much love y’all ~ much, much love,


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