He Knew Me

I was just leaving the bank yesterday afternoon when I got behind a lady with a bumper sticker that read “I knew you before I formed you in your Mother’s womb”.

Now I have read & heard that scripture for years but this time as soon as I saw it I started to cry. It went off in my thread-bare soul like a fireworks display over the water on Independence Day.

God knew ME before I even came to be.
He created me.

He knew the moment the first ribbon of innocence would leave me.

He knew all of my joys, sorrows & triumphs before they ever tattered & graced my life.

He knew every fail & foible.
Every praise & every anguish.
Every question & every attempt to do things my own way.
He saw it all before I even was.

And yet He loves me. He always has & He always will.

I am safe in His care.

And. So. Are. You.


Much love y’all & more revelation of just how precious we are in His sight,


(image courtesy of stevesmixedbag.wordpress.com)



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