Holding My Breath By The Still Water

I have been in a hole so dark the last few days that I wasn’t sure how or when I would even come out of it. The dawn is breaking some for me this morning.

And I admittedly am still holding my breath.
Clinching up like bracing for the pendulum to swing back at me.
I know some of you can relate & know exactly the feeling I am feeling. Some of you are even feeling it right now. You feel me?

And God keeps reaffirming to me that He hears my prayers & sees all that is going on, even up ahead. Sometimes I just wish I could walk fully in my spirit & not at all in my humanity. To be completely immune from the snares & the fiery darts – but for that to happen I would have to be in heaven… I am not quite ready for that yet. Just sayin’.

Until then I will muddle through – well not always. Some days do feel right, sweet, good – like today. Much better than muddling. I feel more hope today than I did yesterday. The tide seems to be turning. And even if it’s not in reality, I will enjoy the green pasture & still water right now. Grace for today.

Thank you Lord, I’ll take it.

I am so glad You are always good, You always love, You always have a plan for us –
In spite of us.

And exhale…

Much love & big, beautiful hope y’all,

(image courtesy of thetickershow.com)



2 thoughts on “Holding My Breath By The Still Water

  1. Carl Ray

    Ephesians 6:10-18

    Use the shield. 😉

    Side note – have you ever noticed that the full armor of God protects the front of a person and not the backside?

    Liked by 1 person

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