Our Redeemer Lives

Alas, it is Friday.

I am just spent this morning. I’m trying to hold it together & by God’s grace there go I. But it is hard.
I can’t put on a Christian-ese face right now & say everything is “fine” – because it just isn’t.

But I know this – my Redeemer lives.

That alone is keeping me on the verge of tears, or drowning in them. It is the only thing I have to cling to in this moment. Or that one. Or that one.

It is a situation where if God doesn’t show up I see no good coming from it. I see it going nowhere I want to see it go. It’s like peering into the darkest chasm & you feel yourself getting pulled into it too. Like at any moment you might tip over & you are screaming inside for answers, for relief. Sweet bless-ed relief.

I am standing, trembling, laying on my foundation. My Rock. I have no other choice because the alternative is just giving up. On everything. I won’t go there. And I quake in my bottom-gut’s depth that if the outcome depended on my walking perfectly all would be lost. I am so beyond-incredibly grateful a sacrifice was already made. For us, and most of all for our loved ones.

I am waiting for a miracle. I hope it comes soon.

I pray the same for you & whatever you might be facing today.

Much love & HOPE y’all, big beautiful hope,

(image courtesy of tsaaj.wordpress.com)



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