The Steady In Our Stumbling

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

This is from something I received over the weekend. I knew I had to share & I felt it needed to be shared this morning for some reason.

“I am here for you. I do not withhold Myself when you don’t get it right. You’ve made a mess or two and beloved I stayed right beside you. I didn’t send My son to die for the perfect version of you. I sent My son for the ups and downs and the times when you have lost your way. Know that you are loved. You are loved in your imperfections and failures and foibles. You are loved when you close your eyes and pretend that I don’t see. I am here when you return to Me heavy with guilt and knowing you need to be washed. Come to Me. I will give you rest and I will cleanse you and purify you and cause you to be who you were destined to be.
We are tethered together with cords and bands of love. It is despicable that those who claim to represent Me torment you with the withdrawal of My love. I love you My beloved. You are Mine. I am yours. Every time you see Me in truth you will see Me walking toward you in love and acceptance and willingness to work you through every failure and fault. Come to Papa says the Father and let Me gather you to Myself and bring the change and transformation you have longed for.”

In transparency, for the first time in a long time recently I felt myself shrinking back from Him. Because I fell short, I mean I fell hard to the ground. Just like we all do. Yep, even those that seem to walk perfectly or think because they may stumble 3 steps less than you or I, they are somehow superior.
Stumble is as stumble does.

I literally felt those words wash over me, in all my foolish folly. And I knew I need not do that ever again – the shrinking.
Because He never leaves me. Never.
No matter whether I think I deserve it or not.

Nor does He you my friends.

The highest epitome of unconditional love.

He. Is. Love.

I hope it encouraged you today as well.

Much love & grace to our stumblings,


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