Midnight Defender

Hey y’all! I have recently been asked to begin sharing my writing & eventually take over a page on Facebook called Grit & Grace – & what an unbelievable honor too. Becky Johnson is one of my favorite writers – just amazing how she puts her thoughts down.  https://www.facebook.com/GritandGrace

Also –  please feel free to check out her new blog & sign up –  she is raw & real & has a passionate love for God~ phenomenal!  https://beckyleannejohnson.wordpress.com/

So with that being said, I am not quite sure how I am going to intermingle this blog & that too. I will get the kinks worked out somehow!  This was my post from yesterday morning. I hope you enjoy & are encouraged ~

Good morning y’all!

I am just barely awake here after a wrestling match of sorts last night. Sometimes the worst thoughts & accusations come in that teeter-tottering chasm between awake & really, really good sleep. You know the place. And it can be maddening. After allowing it to go on for longer than I probably should have, I finally said “Enough” at around midnight.

It was the same old theme that has tried to keep me mushed under a dirty thumb for years – rejection. Those feelings of not being enough – or maybe being too much. Of not being perfectly the way other people feel I should be. Like somehow simply being me is a put-off, or a put-on. Dissecting conversations with a contaminated scalpel, poking around analyzing them & agonizing over the words. And possibly even making new ones up, that weren’t even said. At all. The “inferred” words. The read-between-the-lines words.

By the time I finally took my stance against the onslaught, with God backing me (my only true defense) – I had been spun into a small & awful frenzy. Pushed & shoved & knocked to the ground in my soul. Mocked as I lay there, I summoned the courage to stand up inside. What came out of me next was that no weapons formed against me shall prosper. That every tongue that rises against me in judgment God will condemn. I do not have to defend myself. That He will quench the fiery darts of the enemy flung at me. That the the battle is His. Because God is greater. He is able to do what I cannot. On my behalf. He accepts me & loves me.

And I quickly zipped through the reel-to-reel of so many things He has brought me through & changed in me & did a re-shift in my perspective. I saw the quacking yacking duck as a duck. Not as truth of my own making.

Within what must have been less than 2 minutes I was out like a light. And slept like a baby till dawn.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal y’all – but they are mighty. Through God – to destroy strongholds. At midnight – at noonday. Mighty.

Amen & amen.

Much love & standing up tall inside when we need it most,


(photo found on newheavenonearth.wordpress.com)



10 thoughts on “Midnight Defender

  1. Great post as always.. I testify to your fight. You’re right, without God our perspective is so clouded and winning any battle seems impossible. However all things are possible with God!! Thanks for sharing your story and I’ll check out the website

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  2. Becky Johnson

    Good gracious. I didn’t read this yesterday. Not on G&G. Not here. But now I do. I am simply in love with the title. Yes, it is so. Our “Midnight Defender.”

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