Small Gestures, Huge Impact

I wrote Tuesday about the 2 people who contacted me that morning unbeknownst to each other. And something one of them said has stuck with me the most – like sweet molasses on my Mama’s cornbread.

“He (God) just wanted to remind you how much love you have all around you.”    

It sounds so simple & maybe trivial almost to some- but to me, the timing of that very moment – where I was in my bless-ed head & heart – I really needed it. And I didn’t even realize how much. Beyond any shadows of doubt I did  – because I haven’t been the same inside since.

Timing really is everything y’all.

It’s weird but I feel sincerely different. Like you would feel if you chipped a tooth & your tongue keeps finding that spot over & over. Because it’s markedly contrary to what you are used to. Something you don’t even think about because it’s part of you – that is, until it changes.

I feel lighter. And the gazillion thoughts flying through my head at any given time have morphed in a different direction. Like when a huge school of fish suddenly change course.

My hope is undergoing a growth spurt. My heart is a little softer.

And my attitude towards myself isn’t as harsh. The hissing is growing faint-er & easier to dispel -almost like swatting at flies.


Transforming. Restoring.

Uplifting. Undeniably undeniable.

Freeing. Enveloping.

Surgical even.

A bottomless well that never runs dry.

Magnificent Wonderful Ever-Revealing Love.


Thank you Lord for the little gestures of obedience to promptings we feel for another – the gentle nudges we lean into that bring HUGE impact.

Small smooth stones that slay the giants in our lives.

Because You are with us. Among us.

And thank you for the priceless privilege to be Your hands.

Much LOVE y’all –  I pray that for every person that reads this today.



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