One Step

One step is no big deal right? Wrong.

It all depends on where you are standing doesn’t it?

Sometimes it’s easy & a no-brainer.

Sometimes it’s agonizing because it’s going to hurt. Like hell. And you know it. Either you or someone else.

Sometimes we are afraid or lazy or a procrastinator. I have run the gamut.

I have found that taking steps in the right direction – baby ones or giant strides – can change everything. Depending on the situation.

Leaps of faith aren’t always leaps are they? Pbbllllttt. That’s funny…

Sometimes they are stumblings, jumblings, crawlings – & on occasion they are “I’m just gonna lay right here & let you carry me God, OK?”  And sometimes in a blue moon He does.

But most times an action on our part is required to go further down the road best-laid for us.

How bad do we want it? What’s stopping us? I would take a gander it’s fear 99.9% of the time.

Are we afraid of what someone else may think of us if we go this way or that?

Is that greater than our desire to move towards what we want?

Life doesn’t stop because we do. It never has & it never will.

It will just pass us by.

We can live in mediocrity or we can take chances. On stuff that scares the hell right out of us.

Or we can play it safe & just fade in & out from one day bleeding into the next.

Getting stagnant in any area is paralyzing. Eventually.

One day we wake up and find ourselves in what we think is a trap – & we believe that it is more every day. The lie becomes truth to us & so we get comfy & make a home in it.

I don’t want that life. I have moved in & out of that box off & on for 16,312 days.

Check your own: –

Now that’s what I call perspective.

I know this – I really want to live & take another step. And another. And another.

I refuse to believe I’m a day late & a dollar short on the life I want.

Here’s to steps –  from the teensy to the ginormous. May we take them falling down & getting up. May we take them brave or afraid, as long as we do.

Much love & really living y’all,




4 thoughts on “One Step

  1. Wendy

    Well this brought me to tears…you are a blessing to whoever is reading your blog. This is me…got something big happening and yes I am terrified to move past it but I am going to be forced to do so…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michele Seagroves

    I absolutely LOVE the profound words spoken in this post! How encouraging they are Bonnie. After reading this, I feel that I can go out an live life to the fullest!!! May God continue leading you to help all those lacking a little or a lot of faith!!


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