Your 2 Best Guides When You Don’t Have A Clue What To Do

An excerpt from something I read. Worth a share today. I pray it speaks.

I must let Love guide me.

Love can empower me to feel hurt without becoming a person consumed by that hurt …

I can feel offended, but I don’t have to be offended.

I can feel insecure, but I don’t have to act insecure.

I can feel angry, but I don’t have to respond in anger.

That’s the choice love makes.

And please understand I’m not all Pollyanna about this and able to walk it out perfectly.

I have to give myself permission to be honest about my feelings. But I don’t have to compound the hurt by reacting out of those feelings.

Let’s allow love to take us by the hand and empower us in each and every situation where we don’t know what to do.

We can feel afraid, but we don’t have to be afraid to do the next right thing, right away. – Proverbs 31 Ministry 

I would also add to live truthful in the midst of your thing, whatever it is. I know what it is to masquerade – to pretend something is great when it isn’t. Like a car that needs oil that we just keep ignoring – after a while that motor is going to seize & you will be left with the aftermath. And don’t go blaming the car. That’s not the way it works. Even though we kick & we scream that it is. I have blown a few “motors” in my time. Stubbornly, I have learned better to take care of what’s in my sphere of influence – even when it hurts like hell.

Here is to truths that make us free & Love that carries us home –

Let’s choose them today,




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