Try Anyway

There are some things that might just be too beautiful for words. But I encourage you  – try anyway.

There are some things that are too painful  – try anyway. 

And some things that hold too much vulnerability – but try anyway.

If you have a desire to write & share, but don’t know how or where to start – practice by expressing yourself to God if you are a believer. Simply thank Him for creation – for the free bounty He has given us to feast our eyes upon every day. From sunrise to sunset & everything in between. Write a letter explaining how it makes you feel inside. Journals, napkins, stickie notes – whatever is within scribble-distance.

Express yourself through the written word to your loved ones & those in your scope of influence. To people you trust. Share your world through your eyes. It may sound like spitting & sputtering to you at first when you try, but it will probably-most-likely sing a song to someone else’s soul. Sing on my friend. 

There is something about writing that is many times better than speaking directly. Writing opens a door & then closes us in behind it to lend privacy – to give us time to soak it in & to feel it. And decide what to do with it without requiring immediate response.

Share what moves you. It doesn’t have to be always be spiritual, or positive. It doesn’t always have to be sad & depressing either. Find a balance somewhere in the middle. That people can relate to. Because where we all live is somewhere in the middle, if we are really honest with ourselves. It’s ok to not always be “great” – it’s allright to just be “ok” too. And it’s ok to say “Life sucks right now.” It’s also awesome to be “fantastic.”  🙂

Writing inspires. It might stop someone from another bad decision or even the worst. It can shine a light in a very, very dark room. It can prompt someone to do something they should have done 6 months ago & they were too scared- & now, because you shared – it will turn their life around forever. 

It is powerful. It unites. It sews us together no matter what we believe or what color our skin is, what our orientation is. We all feel, we are all valid & have worth. We all desire to belong somewhere. To feel important to someone.

Sometimes we just need a reminder we are not alone this wide world. That our current suffering is shared, that there is hope. Sometimes we need to join our joy with someone else’s – it multiplies that way. And sometimes we just need someone to come alongside us literally or figuratively & just be.

If it’s in your heart to write – please do. Start today.

Much love & written salve to one another y’all,








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