Hope # 1001

Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.

~ Lin Yutang

Path through forget-me-not

I know I write a lot about hope. But it is quite the most powerful thing. At least it has been in my life.

When we lose it – I mean down to the last speck – that’s just an awful place to be. Bad things can happen there. Globally we see it daily in the media. It’s hard to not be affected by the rumoring & the pictures.  

But when we have it in abundance it adds the skip to our step, the warmer warmth in our smile, the longer squeeze in our hugs. The grins for no obvious reason, more kindness to strangers, more compassion for humanity in general. See? Powerful stuff. I often call it Big Beautiful Hope because well, it is.  

And it’s spreadable, like the creamiest of butters. Like the sweetest of sweet-smelling-salve. Like honey in the rock. 

It’s my favorite thing to pay forward. 

If you are struggling to find your own after many long & dark nights of the soul (you know the ones) – when you rise tomorrow morning, go outside & just observe. Those birds are singing, that sun is rising, those flowers bloom – no matter what. Some even push their way stubbornly right up through the concrete – as a reminder. There is hope to be found.  

Even if you have to watch a movie or read a fairy tale to muster up a smidge, just do it. Find it however-est you can. Please. 

My greatest hope comes from my relationship with God.  it’s my belief that’s where all of it is born. It’s where I find peace & joy when the world is screaming at me. It’s where I find quiet for my soul when everything around me is clamoring for negative attention. It’s my hammock in a warm breeze by the water when I need it the most. Saving grace.   

Here is to hope – may you find some today like a $20 in your pocket you forgot you had. Enough to keep going another day. Joy comes in the morning after a while you know. 

Much love y’all – & Big Beautiful hope.










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