The Freedom & Beauty Of The Truth

“The beauty of truth is that it need not be proclaimed or believed. It skips from soul to soul, changing form each time it touches, but it is what it is, I have seen it, and someday you will, too.” ~ Mark Helprin, Winter’s Tale

Truth is the one thing many of us run from more than anything else. Been there – hello.

We are so afraid of it. So fearful that all will be lost if we embrace it. That our hearts will somehow be broken beyond repair forever if we see it full-on in the mirror. That it will tattoo itself onto our faces for all to see & mar us from ever being who we pictured ourselves to be someday. One day. Who we think we ought be & who we should are many times two very different things.   

The reality is that the truth makes us free. It is nothing to ever run from in fear & I will proclaim it till the day I step over into eternity. I know it in my knower because I am free in many areas today that I was bound in for most of my life. Because I finally accepted it. I laid myself bare over time in the black & dark places, exposing the worst parts of me. The parts that made me do things – awful things – mostly to myself & also to others. Things that today I won’t be entrenching myself in again. God’s pursuing Grace, Mercy & Great Love anchoring itself into my life allowed me to do it. 

The truth made me lay down my sword of self-righteous judgment that I used to wield like a pro. My attitude towards certain things & people were utterly ridiculous – but I couldn’t see it. Not till the truth stepped in. And I was free. Again. In another area I desperately needed to be.

I am the epitome of the proverbial onion, being peeled away one high-smelling layer at a time.

God is so incredibly good. In spite of me. Hallelujah. 

Here’s to the truth – the personal truth in your life. May it run free through your soul like a wild horse at sunset –

Much love & beautiful freedom,




6 thoughts on “The Freedom & Beauty Of The Truth

  1. Becky

    I recall my blindness in all things, but more painfully me and my life. Walking blind and having a spotlight shone in is painful! I laid in a chair throwing a tantrum, crying out to the ceiling, “WHAT? What do You want?” I know a few people who do not think freedom is painful. More like abracadabra oila and you’re free. That has not been my experience. Having the chains pulled off my heart, the blinders from my eyes…it hurt. It still hurts.


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