There Will Be No Jewels In My Purse

OK, so I was watching House Hunters last night on HGTV.

There was a couple who were relocating from Colorado to Napa Valley & were in need of a home that could house them, their 2 sons & regular visits from her father. The wife was just a snot. Almost nothing seemed to please her. She’s arrogant, critical & extremely hard to please –  a stay-at-home Mom (who probably has a nanny) & her husband is the bread winner in the family & apparently does quite well at the winning. 

Here’s the thing though. I am pretty sure she wears the pants – & I am quite certain she carries his jewels in her purse. 

I honestly almost couldn’t watch how she spoke over him, answered most of the questions, teasing that even though he was the head of the house she was the neck and could turn him anyway she chose. You should have seen his face after she said it. Good grief. 

Let’s just say that’s not the kind of man I want. Hear me – I have no desire to – nor will I – be a doormat, but I do want a man who is strong & has his own opinions about things. Someone I can gladly make rational decisions with- together. Not lording over him. There is nothing sexy about that. At all. It’s sad really. The picture I see in my head is a master standing over their dejected dog as it is scolded, over & over & over. That’s no life at all – for anyone. 

I believe a great relationship consists of two people working together to make the best of life, as much as possible. Doing it with respect & honor for one another, not bitchiness & control. On either side. 

I have been controlling in the past – and it was born out of a lot of fear. But I honestly think this woman just wanted her way – period. Spoiled freakin’ rotten is an understatement. And the husband assuredly is not innocent in that monster-in-the-making. Her Dad probably had a little to do with it too. I’m just sayin’. 

I do hope this man can muster the gumption to fish those things out of her Louis Vuitton & put them back where they belong.

Geez. Enough said. 

Much love y’all –  the good kind,




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