Single & Dating? At 44 – Help!

I have been single now for going on 3 years. In those 3 years, I’ve have only dated one guy seriously & that was just last summer. I still miss him, but life & time has moved us in different directions.   

In the beginning of my single-dom I asked God to please protect me from anyone that would cause me any real harm. So far He has done that & very well. I have been amazed at how quickly things I needed to know would crop up in my face like a neon sign blinking “RUN!” -over & over when I would meet this one or that one that might be showing any potential.

I have tried online dating, which I have determined I absolutely despise. You really just don’t know what you are going to get. Most people front I’ve found – they lie about their height or their relationship status or any number of things. I prefer the off-the-cuff meeting someone in person for the first time. Not hiding behind a phone or PC screen. 

I am a person that was definitely wired & meant to be in a committed relationship. It has not been easy & I get incredibly lonely sometimes. I know most of you singles out there reading this feel me. I thank God for my friends & family, for their love & support – and all the laughter. That laughter is a life-saver. If I couldn’t laugh what else would there be?  That would be a sad, sad existence.      

I am not a serial dater so I don’t go out on dates very often. I am peculiar about who & what I want. It limits me some but I feel like, in the end, it will pay off. I have met quite a few fellas along the way, but that Cinderella-just-right-fit doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Although one in particular came very close.   

I seriously would love to hear from you – my male or female fellow singles. What it has been like for you personally- what you have done to fill in the gaps? The gaps that sometimes last for several years. What thought processes have you changed – what new things have you tried? What have you found out about yourself through it? 

My gaps have been filled mostly with time with my loved ones & in trying new things, sometimes by myself. I have grown a lot and found out things about myself I didn’t know were there. Things I actually like about this new me. 🙂 Bonus. 

Any ideas or advice  – for me or for the other singles reading this would be greatly appreciated – & please keep it clean! 😉 

Much love & grace for the waiting,




4 thoughts on “Single & Dating? At 44 – Help!

  1. Carl Ray

    Like you stated – finding out who God ‘really made’ not what the world say you are. I have ministry work that takes most of my spare time and focus. When real issues like relationships that end and living with singleness hit me, I tend to dive deeper in that work. It has helped me get through but hasn’t kept me from leaving that part of my life open for opportunities.

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  2. Carl Ray

    Yeah. The down time gets me too. It seems to be when the adversary tend to do his dirt work on my focus and confidence. As hard as it is during those times, use God’s strength is His word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bounce him out of those pity parties. 😉


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