Someone For Everyone

I was with two friends at Starbucks this past Sunday enjoying some coffee. We were sitting in a courtyard area in the middle of a popular shopping mall & there was aplenty to observe with all the people-watching – trust me.

One fella & what I would assume was his wife pulled up nearby in a brand new shiny yellow Lamborghini with the top down. It was the perfect day for it. They climbed out & off he strolls with his chest out like a peacock ahead of her, not even glancing back. Nice. You could just feel the love. Not. Lots of money & no manners. Go shopping girl…

One other less-obvious-to-most couple caught mine & my girlfriend’s eye too. They were not what you would ever call fashionably appropriate. She was very plain – no makeup, short boyish haircut & was wearing what appeared to be a man’s t-shirt & shorts – & she had a fanny pack. He was kind of big & doofy – tall, also wearing a t-shirt & shorts, white socks yanked up to heaven & black sandals – & a big floppy hat. His gait was hilarious, almost exaggerated. He took these long, wide & bouncy-from-side-to-side steps & it reminded me a lot of Barney- you know the big purple dinosaur we all love? (cough..)

Anyway – the two of them could not have looked happier walking along, just being themselves – not taking notice of anyone else around. They weren’t exactly walking side by side but it wasn’t like the rich couple-  you could tell they were together & loved each other but were just enjoying the day in their own space. And the way that fella walked  – well he needed his own space, let’s just say that. I’d hate to see him at the State Fair. They’d have to clear a path for him.

My girlfriend turns to me & our guy pal & said that it just proves the cliche that there really is someone for everyone. I had to agree & the whole scene inspired me. I think it inspired us all.

Here’s to my fellow single peeps – to finding our own imperfect-someone, someday.

Much love & hope for all kinds of great stuff,




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