For My Friend T


One of my very best friends in this wide world lost her Daddy on this side of life yesterday morning. They were as close as the two could be. You should have seen them together. The love in their eyes for each other was tangible. She is a Daddy’s girl –  there is no doubt about that. My heart is broken for Tracy, Mama Diana, her sisters & their whole extended tight-knit family. For those that pray, please lift them up if you will. These next few days & weeks will be the hardest.

I had the privilege of meeting Jay & being in his company on several occasions & I loved him from the first moment. The stories he told on Tracy & her sisters & Mama were hilarious. And you could tell he loved to tell it. He was a resilient man that had seen & survived much more than most of us could bear & he was as real as the day is long. And that’s just my kind of people.

Rest in peace J Bird.

We will fly with you one sweet day in the great blue by & by,




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