The Tidal Wave Of What Matters, The Truth & Starting Again

Every single one of us has cared for someone relationally in some way that didn’t care that we did. Maybe at one time they did but then life happens in the form of a tidal wave & washes away any semblance of anything good that might have been salvageable. And you are left with the aftermath. The pieces. Usually a gazillion of them.

And you try to have the faith that could put them back together again. And that faith even feels right, doesn’t it? To believe, to hope. But then you slowly, agonizingly start to realize it is futile. Sometimes that realization packs a wallop in the gut that renders you breathless & immobile for a while. That’s ok – this is where our friends come in. To rescue, to lift, to laugh our way through it. And we shall.

Here is the real deal: The truth of it all makes us free. Even when it hurts like hell and we don’t want to believe it. Believe it anyway.

If it walks, talks & acts like a duck, most assuredly it is a duck.

It’s ok. It really is. It will be ok. It really will. Again.

You are beautiful. Yes YOU. You are loved. Yes YOU. You are worth far more than rubies. Yes YOU.

Much love & worth & hope & grace for the waiting,





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