Wisdom From A Dog’s Life

My lil brown buddy Otis turned 16 on July 4th. That’s 112 in people-years. Wow. And he is as spry as some dogs 1/2 his age. I was watching him this weekend & a few things occurred to me that I thought were worth mentioning.

He gets up every single day happy. Always wagging his tail & rolling around on his back on the carpet, feet straight up in the air.

He is happy to eat whatever is put before him.

He loves to rest.

He loves loving & loves to give it.

He is only clingy when he’s not feeling well, or when I’m not. ❤

He can be temper-mental but never, ever holds a grudge when I am.

He loves treats, no matter how tiny.

He always has huge faith that something good is coming his way.

He is loyal, committed & faithful.

He misses me when I’m gone.

And he is always, always happy to see me.

My lil brown buddy – my example, my companion.

Duly noted…

Much love & dogged determination to be thankful & happy no matter what,



5 thoughts on “Wisdom From A Dog’s Life

  1. William The Older Brother

    Otis always shows unbelievable patience sitting at your feet while waiting for a few slurps of coffee from the bottom of your cup. Otis rocks!


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