Big Beautiful Hope


Hope that no matter how much the pain hurts, it will get better with time.

That no matter how much you have lost, even more can be restored – better than before.

That no matter how deep & wide the betrayal, you can learn how to trust again -or maybe even for the first time.

That the really, really bad stuff is repairable & will make you stronger than before.

That you can build a new family & a new life – imperfect, but ornate & beautiful.

That though you have been damaged & are still healing you can still love and be loved.

Hope that you can be happy. Really and truly happy…


Much love & Big Beautiful Hope,




4 thoughts on “Big Beautiful Hope

  1. Amy

    Hope. The biggest little word there is. My favorite word. I believe that there is a reason for everything, even when we can’t understand, and we may not ever understand certain things. But through it all, hope remains. I had given up on looking for a certain something in my life, yet the hope was still there. God has blessed me, given me a gift beyond what I could have ever imagined and even though I had given up on this, possibly because of hope He didn’t give up on me and He won’t give up on anyone else reading this either. He IS Hope. Hang on to it with all you are. Joy comes in the morning!!!


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