Reckless Abandon

I am becoming more acquainted with this thing called reckless abandon. The term alone sounds delightful to me – makes me feel giddy even, when I think about it.

In some situations I realize it can be dangerous – like losing control in ways that lead nowhere good. I have been there in years past & it was not pretty. And that’s quite the understatement. So no to that.

Now I am trying to dance somewhere on the safer side – the side where worry & anxiety does not dwell. Where I am more free – from concern over what may or may not happen – trying to live more in the moment. It is not easy – especially when I have lived most of my life with my nose in the future. What an exhausting ride that is. And futile.  I am tired.  And ready for something better. Much better.

What if? What if not? What does it matter? My life, my fate – is not ultimately mine (I say that because of my beliefs). Frankly I suck at running my own show anyway – whenever I have tried to do it alone. A veritable train wreck. Laughable now when I look back at who I used to be. WOW.

Here’s to forging ahead ~ blindly into the future. How fun does that sound?? 🙂

With much love & reckless abandon,





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