Flip-Flopping, Cow Patties & Fresh Air

Does anyone else flip-flop? In your ideals, dreams, desires? I have been paying more attention lately than ever to things, people, places.

It’s like my see-er has gotten an injection of steroids. All around me, especially of late, I see new couples forming. And though truly in my heart I am very happy for all of them – it’s also a bittersweet reminder of my obvious not-part-of-a-couple-ness -yet. And I see other couples who are at odds. I see husbands out without their wives flirting & acting like they aren’t married at all. Yes ladies, I know we do it too, but I’ve paid more attention to the fellas. Call it observation & research. Whatever.

So many are always clamoring for something better – that more-perfect greener grass. Frankly, there’s cow sh*t over there too. True story. We can all use a real-life-for goodness-sake reality check, once in a blue moon.  Ya think?

Case in point, I was on a dating site recently & a fella I know personally was just on there like 3 days before, trolling – while at the same time his girlfriend is posting an announcement on facebook that they are in a relationship. Glad he’s not my “boyfriend”.

But anymore – & apart from the sweet, fresh & new couples being born –  I seem to be seeing more of the bad side of relationships than the good. And it has been a bit discouraging. Wondering are there any good guys left that I might actually be compatible with? That’s where I am flip-flopping. Trying to stay optimistic & fighting the jadedness as it does its dangdest to slither up my spine. Fanning the flame of hope that yes, out there is a man who is tired of it all too – and he’s been looking for a breath of fresh air. That looks a whole lot like me.

I realize my candidness can make some of you squirm & you’re probably thankful that its me spilling & not you – but it’s my reality. Anyone who knows me knows I am an open book. Love me or detest me. I don’t really care so much anymore.

And hey, if I can be a voice of understanding & a man-I-know-exactly-where-you-are for you so you don’t feel so stinkin’ alone in this dating joke/battle thing, well that’s a big ol’ SCORE in my book.

May we forge ahead in our flip-flops – dodging patties & searching for that fresh air –

Much love,




6 thoughts on “Flip-Flopping, Cow Patties & Fresh Air

  1. Carl Ray

    You do know that its the ‘organic fertilizer’ that makes the grass look greener. Once they get over there, it still smells like a cow pasture. I’ve never been in a cow pasture that had ‘fresh air.’ I’m just saying..


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