De-Programming, Un-Learning & Forgetting The Other Shoe

A conversation with a close friend sparked this post. I’m willing to bet some of you will relate.

We both – my friend & I – suffer from Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop Syndrome.  Life experience has programmed us to expect the worst, even when there is no real sign of it coming. It’s bad enough when there are obvious signs – but what about when things are great? Well, that just means something is rotten in Denmark. I mean, there MUST be right? Because getting our hopes up, putting our all in – inevitably leads to disappointment. It’s almost laughable – predictable. Or so it seems.

We discussed & decided – as the earth moved –  that it is possible to de-program ourselves. To un-learn negative attitudes about love lost & found & the whole twisty-ness of it all.

And who cares about the other shoe? We should automatically leave one behind so that if it does drop, we won’t even hear it, see or notice it. We should be so full of hope for the fruition of our labors, our good deeds, our put-forth-so-much-ness – that we don’t even care to know what might happen to the damnable thing. Or what might not happen. Imagine that for a moment…

We must stay too busy enjoying ourselves – enjoying our moments. The sweet ones, the soft ones, the quiet & warm ones. The ones that stand still in time & then slip unawares through our fingers between breaths. We must stay too busy being grateful & fanning the flames of our dreams & desires in expectation – that we have simply have no time to think a thought about a dumb old shoe.

And just imagine what can happen when we do finally leave that proverbial shoe behind – as we de-program & un-learn. Someone may- I mean they really just might – come along & find it after a time. And seek us out till they find us – the rightful owner. To make a honest-to-goodness pair finally. That fits.  A good one.

There is the old cliche that if you love something let it go… Well I love shoes – & I would be especially upset if I lost one of any of my favorite pairs. But if I knew losing it would lead me to finding something so much better? Honey I’d drop it like it was hot. For real.

Here’s to new ways of thinking & our own real-istic Cinderella stories.

May we have them in spades collectively- all of us singles who have nearly given up.

Much love y’all ~










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