Letting Go

Today’s post was inspired from an excerpt ~ a blog I subscribe to – http://lessonsfromtheendofamarriage.com/

“It’s a little scary. Letting go always is.

But you can’t reach the next rung until you’re willing to release the last.

And it’s also freeing. Letting go always is.

Because it’s only in releasing our grasp on the past that we are able to fly towards our future.”

And why is it so hard?

Is it the memory-laden comfort of the feeling that you have – mentally staying in that place – wherever it is?

Is it fear that when you do, you may lose forever what was? What could have been?

Those are my reasons – what are yours?

There is a large degree of trust & faith involved. And inching our way through that process is a bit like pulling ourselves down what feels like a long-road stretch of broken glass.

And up ahead we can see a promise – shining & glinting in the sun in the most beautiful way. Almost mocking us at times. It seems unlikely, unreal ~ but yet when we rub our eyes & re-focus, it’s still there.

That’s what keeps us going. Wincing through the pain, the uncertainty, the procrastination that taunts us to keep us stuck where we are.  But we won’t.

Our declaration must be that we will forge on, through the misty hell of letting go.

And yes ~ sometimes cussing, clawing, laughing & crying our way along ~ but we shall.

Let’s go.

Much love y’all,




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