Lollipops, Skipping, Silliness & Why Can’t We?

I am a people watcher. The last couple of days I have helped out a friend who is a phenomenal photographer, taking money for pictures at a dance studio. All these pretty girls, from wee-little to teens – were dressed up in their costumes, with hair done up & tasteful makeup etc. So sweet.

The younger ones were running around laughing, skipping, twirling – just flat out being girls, & loving it. And it struck me. If I were to do that – skip through a room, twirl, whatever, today at my age – people would think I was one can shy of a six pack.

One little girl was crying “Mommy, I want candy” like her next breath depended one whether she got any – classic. Made me chuckle.

But if I were to walk around today with a lollipop, it would be construed as sexual or that I was doing drugs. It’s completely ridiculous.

Why is that some (certainly not all) things that are so accepted in childhood are frowned upon or considered twisted & unacceptable in adulthood?

I will tell you this undeniably- there are many, many times when I skip & twirl & chatter to myself, and even answer back on occasion (yep) –  & I laugh at myself when I do something really, really dumb & talk in silly voices. And smile in the mirror just to see how it looks if I smiled at someone else & to make sure all my teeth are still there. And I make silly faces. And I pick my underwear out of my backside or a pesky bat in the cave out of my nose. (Hush, you know you do too..) 😉 And usually I do it all when no one else is around. Channeling my inner Little Bonnie. Who would have done it all back then in front of anyone, because I just didn’t care.

I hope for each & every one of you reading this today that you still – or that you will – channel your Inner Little. I don’t care what age you are. That you skip, dance, eat lollipops, act silly, make faces & laugh hard at yourself. Be light on yourself, forgive yourself, let go of shame & old hurts that you’ve had your fists clinched on with a death-grip for years. You’ll feel better, promise… ❤

Much Love Y’all,




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