Lugging, Lifts & Gratitude-Lists

One sure to way to lift or lighten a load you are lugging is to make a quick list – of your thank-yous.

Here are just a few of mine ~

Thank you God that my son is alive & well.

Thank you for the perfect, gentle breeze & the gazillion insects sing-songing me every night from the peace of the front porch.

For the kindness & warmth of strangers – yes it still exists.

For friends, new & old & the ability to make them.

For admonishments that breed humility.

For being able to pull someone up when they just can’t do it alone.

Being able to bear another’s burden long enough for them to catch their breath.

Being able to cry with someone in their agony.

And being able to share joy in their joy – without envy.

For witnessing miracles, large & small – the ones you can’t explain away.

For love lost & love found, just in the nick of almost-giving-up. (That one’s on faith..;)

For the bittersweet & bitter-sour –  they both have served me well.

For being teachable & for re-takes when I need one.

For being able to laugh at myself instead of shrinking in shame.

And for Your awesome Love. Grace. Mercy.  No, I won’t ever shut up about these Three.

– Three things without which I’d have never, ever made it. For sure.

What’s on your list?
~ ❤



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