Turning a Corner

Even if I turn back & I just might temporarily at some point – I realized this morning that I had turned a corner.

Being single has been really fun at times & has its perks, as I’ve mentioned before. I can do what I want, when I want  -without answering to anyone. Well anyone but Otis, my dachshund.


But it can also suck & gets really lonely, as I’ve said before. I really am so happy for those of us singles who have got this being-alone-thing licked – I’m just not there yet. It has been 2 1/2 years. It is what it is – I will get there, maybe. We all have weaknesses. I encourage you, please don’t judge someone because theirs is different from yours. A bonus nuggett of wisdom. 😉

Having this big ol’ house to myself this weekend, I had the music cranked up while I got ready for work. No one to disturb = my singing in the shower loudly & dancing around. And I was actually thinking about how I had no plans tonight & was a teeny bit excited about coming home, having a cold beer & some dinner, doing some laundry & watching a movie – while I give myself a pedicure. I even caught myself smiling (I love it when that happens). Normally I would be feeling sorry for myself if I didn’t have plans, unless I was really beat from the week & didn’t care.

But nope – not today. Hence my revelation – I turned a corner. A sweet little victory on Friday morning. And I’ll take it. ~ xoxo

Much love, little victories & corners to y’all too,


Little girl jumping for joy




6 thoughts on “Turning a Corner

  1. Carl Ray

    It’s God’s progression. Keep looking forward to where he’s leading you. More small victories and corners to turn if you don’t let the waves of this world’s distractions take your focus. (Remember Peter and the waves – Matt. 14:22-33). I have to keep reminding myself too. 🙂


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