A Vapor…

Life. It is truly a vapor.

Today’s post will be simple and inspired by a close friend’s loss. Michele, this is dedicated to you, your family & the memory of your beautiful & vivacious sweet, sweet Mom Pamela. She was always so full of life & I believe with all my heart today her cup overflows, like never before.

I hope & pray this post provokes some serious introspection…

I am 44 years old. Where have the years gone? 

My son is 22 – with me for 1/2 of my life already.

My 2nd marriage lasted 14 years and the end now seems like eons ago.

My mom lived 78 years & has been gone since 2005.

My Dad lived almost 70 years & has been gone since 1995.

My brother Alan would have been 46 when we lost him. Just 2 years older than me now.

And all of our countless others.

A vapor.

The love, the laughter, the tears, the pain, the reconciliations, the words spoken & unspoken, the fights, the holding on & letting go, the make-ups & the break-ups, relationships being born & parting ways. the indifference-es, the joys that are unspeakable, the losses indescribable, & love that’s unconditional.   

It seems cliche to even say the following things, but powerful truth is powerful truth. It just is.

We ought to demonstrate our love more often. We ought to hold hugs a little longer, embrace a little tighter. We ought to hold hands when we pray & give that little extra squeeze at the end. We ought to forgive & let go of bitterness & the choke-hold of you-did-me-wrongs. After all, when you boil it down, we are really just choking ourselves. We ought to say I love you- say it uncomfortable if we must- but if we mean it, say it. We ought to express gratitude for even the smallest of things. We ought to cry with each other more, laugh with each other more, rejoice with each other more. We ought to just be present more, and less having-all-the answers. We don’t, anyway.  Really.

You just never know if today, in this or that moment, that glint in the eye, that huge beautiful smile on that face, that through & through love-wave feeling that doesn’t come that often – may just be the last time you’ll get the honor of sharing with someone, this side of heaven.

This is not a negative admonition. It’s a necessary one, and getting more-so every day. 

A vapor.

Much love – much, much more,







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