The Amazing Power of Hope

Hope is powerful. It can propel you up out of a pit you have decorated & made a home in. It can give you a really good day when you’d just as soon forget the day before. It is sunshine in rain & salve for pain. It’s a warm blanket in the frigid cold of lonely. It’s a cool breeze in a fiery trial that hasn’t run its course yet. It’s grace to keep getting up when all you want to do is stay down and just disappear. I have been there, and there, and there.

There is a root of hope embedded in my soul. I did not earn it nor do I deserve it. But I am beyond grateful to God it’s there. It has kept me going in the darkest of times & the reason for the brightest of times. I pray I never lose it. Hopelessness is something i don’t wish on anyone. I mean no one. Not even the haters. I try to give a smile & some form of kindness to everyone I meet. Sometimes the smallest act of warmth towards someone is all it takes to turn them around. Possibly even from the doing the worst possible thing. I have heard stories of such, and they always amaze me.

When your hope level starts to drop, and it will, find someone and give a little to them. Before you know it, your barometer is heading north again. I love how that works.

Hope against hope y’all.

Peace ~ ❤ xoxo      

 Symbol of hope

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