One of my favorite quotes ~
“Though chains be of gold, they are chains all the same.” – Bruce Cockburn

Many people are not really who they present to the world. If we could see what they really were inside, we would see dark & heavy chains, not the adornment that we view outwardly. Whether it be “beauty”, money, material things, power, talent, physical strength, relationships, etc – we use them as crutches & masks.

We don’t reach true peace because we won’t deal with the chains inside ~ but continue to lavish on the ones outside. You’ll find no fruit under that tree, not unless it’s rotting.

What if the outward chains break, fade or we lose them somehow? We will be left only with what’s inside. What then? Which is more important?

Balance in the middle of it all is everything.

I prayerfully wish for each of you that you find Peace & find it in abundance. It is there for the receiving. 

We all are in this fight together – some of us just hide it better. ❤


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