Clean Feet

I have someone in my life that I love beyond very much who has battled drug addiction for several years. He is an amazing soul. A fighter if I have ever seen one, has a huge heart and is strikingly good looking, whip-smart & off-the-cuff funny. He has been clean now for over a year & in a wonderful program. Thank you God he is alive today.

There was a time though where I never knew from one day to the next if he’d live or die. In fact, to stay sane, I had to come to peace with his death – so that if I did face it I could survive it somehow. So I could sleep at night. And so I didn’t stay in a constant state of panic. I remember one time going to see him and he was just a mess, which doesn’t even begin to describe his state. He was living on the streets by this time & he looked awful. Pale & gaunt, shifty & nervous -I could see no real life at all.  I will never forget that day looking down at his feet. They were so dirty. His toenails were all long, broken & jagged.  And it looked like someone had been putting cigarettes out on the bottoms of them. For all I know he could have done it to himself.

Last night I was outside enjoying the beautiful evening and my heart began turning this way & that, my mind going right along with it – the rat on the wheel that lives in my head.  In that quiet space on the back porch, I began to talk to God. The moment just called for it.

Like a broken record the beginning, admittedly, was unrelated angst over what has felt like a proverbial thorn & my asking yet again for Him to please remove it from me, but I quickly shifted to gratitude. And oh, how much sweeter it was. Note to self.

Then I started thinking about this loved one I mentioned above, and where God has brought him from. I believe with my whole heart it was in fact God. It is nothing short of a miracle he is still here. I know it in my knower, like I know my name.

And then the memory of his dirty feet came drifting up, and suddenly it just hit me, like a blaze of glorious light in the depths & death of darkness. His feet aren’t dirty anymore.

He now works every day & makes an honest living. has food to eat & an actual appetite & nice clothes on his back.  And he comes home to a safe place where he gets a shower every night. And his feet are clean. Hallelujah.

Such a seemingly small & insignificant thing that I am sure most of us take for granted. But right there in that aha awe-inspiring moment, a very huge thing to me.

Enough to put me on my face for a while. And when I rose, I knew what my next blog would be about.

My cup overflows.




12 thoughts on “Clean Feet

  1. I’m not a believer in god but I do know the loved one you talk of is a strong person to overcome such an addiction, I wish him all the best for the future and hope you have many happy years laughing and smiling together .

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  2. The person you describe at the beginning of the post and the condition he was in could have been my son. Only his feet aren’t clean yet. That’s a powerful image you’ve employed. How often have I seen him with his feet beat up and blistered, walking like he was crippled, because he spent all day wandering from one sad place to the next. I hope he has the break-through your loved one did. Thanks for sharing this. Bless you and yours.

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  3. Wendy

    I love this….the “little” things are what stops me in my tracks and make me realize just how BIG God is because He cares about those “little” things….this is beautiful btw

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