“Welcome to the island of misfit toys!” – Quote from a movie I watched this weekend called The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

It was a trip through the mind of a young man named Charlie who is a freshman in high school. He suffered some very harsh things as a child and was still reeling from them.

It colored his life within & without. He never felt like he fit in or that he belonged, that is until he met some fellow Wallflowers.

I can totally relate. I was a mess, pretty much from age 12 on. I did a lot of stupid things, made a lot of mistakes.

And somehow, by God’s Grace, I survived and am sharing with you today.

And out of that awful train wreck some life has emerged.

Flawed, upright, downright, stumbling, flowing, trickling, spitting, sputtering, spilling over & even rebellious at times – Life.   LIFE.

Have I ever thought I was one huge mistake? Yes, undeniably and through to my bones, for years.

Do I believe it now? Absolutely not.

Do you believe that about yourself? Can you hear me shouting to you from those same bones that you are NOT?

You may look like a mess to some or many. You may only look that way to yourself and still believe everyone sees it too.

Here’s the thing  – you are flawed and you are imperfect and that will not change this side of heaven.

But in counteract-ment, you are actually Loved, Cherished, Hand-Made, and Crafted with perfect skill.

And ever-evolving into more beauty every single day. Believe.

That is SO me sometimes… Good grief.




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